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We believe that every one of us has a right to enjoy good, clean and fair food. We also believe that you don’t have to attend meetings or sit in trees to make a difference in the food supply. “Food activists” are everyday people who cook, garden, attend potlucks, dine at local restaurants, shop at farmers’ markets, belong to food co-ops, or even just welcome new and old friends to sit down at their table.

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Slow Food is a grassroots non-profit organization supported by members who pay annual, tax-deductible dues. There are currently 85 dues-paying members in the North Shore chapter and over 15,000 in the US. The benefits of joining Slow Food USA are: being part of a community that actively supports a more just and rational food system, discounts at our events and optional first-hand news and action alerts from Slow Food USA. Sign up and learn more on Slow Food USA’s membership page.

Everyone can get involved in Slow Food North Shore. Whether you’re a dues-paying member or just a supporter, you can:

Roll up your sleeves

If you love to volunteer and want to help out at an event or program, write us.

Contribute to your local food community

Perhaps the most important way to get involved is to “vote” for healthy food and agriculture in your everyday life. Get cooking. Buy local, organic food from farmers’ markets and from locally owned grocery stores. Inform yourself about the sustainability of the fish, meat and dairy that you eat. Pack a bag lunch. Plant a kitchen garden. Make things from scratch. Conserve. Compost. Recycle. Drink unbottled water. Speak out about food injustices. Shake the hand of the farmer who feeds you.

Share a new resource

If you own or know the owner of a local business, community space, theater or House of Worship that would happily host Slow Food events, write us.

Propose a new event, program or partnership

Our leadership team loves new ideas, but we don’t always have the time or resources to follow through on them. If you’re thinking about organizing an event (a soup night, weekly drinks, a garden workday, or a town hall event), or if you’re already involved in a project or organization in the area and you think we can work together, write us.

Additionally, from the SFUSA website:

Add your voice to our powerful network of changemakers demanding a just and healthy food system.

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