About Us

Slow Food Huntington has decided to change its name to Slow Food North Shore so that Long Islanders recognize us as their chapter.  We are not only for residents of Huntington.  Slow Food North Shore is one of two Long Island Slow Food chapters and one of over 200 chapters in the US operating within the network of the national non-profit organization Slow Food USA.

The leaders of Slow Food North Shore are ordinary people who volunteer their time to bring Slow Food’s values to our community. We aren’t all “foodies” and most of us don’t work in food. We do believe that organizing our community to share and support good, clean and fair food for all is a cause that’s worth our time and passion.

We are supported by fundraising and, in small part, by the dues-paying members of Slow Food. We believe that everyone, dues-paying or not, can get involved in the local food and sustainable agriculture movement.

If you’d like to learn more about Slow Food North Shore and/or you’re interested in volunteering or a leadership position, write us.